Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Benchmark Xeon E5-1620v4 and Quadro M5000

This benchmark measuring performance of my old workstation –Dell Precision T7810 (2016)– for run Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker game. Simply, it is focused on Nvidia Quadro M5000 (graphic) and WD Blue 1TB Disk (loading time) performance. Result for variation of processor giving smaller impact as long as system meets FFXIV: Endwalker system requirements. PC Specification…More

Making Gil Through Dye Market

As a disclaimer , what I will tell you is not IRL ( in real life ) but in the game Final Fantasy XIV . For IRL, please just ask Mr. Bowo, the owner of the Warna Abadi Paint Shop, whose shop is located at almost every major intersection in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The shop is even more popular with the iconic WAWAWA air puppet dancer. The way to generate 30…More

Menghasilkan Gil ala Toko Cat Lominsa Jaya

Sebagai disclaimer, yang akan saya ceritakan bukan IRL (in real life) tapi dalam permainan game Final Fantasi XIV. Kalau yang IRL silakan tanya aja ke Pak Bowo, juragan Toko Cat Warna Abadi WAWAWA yang tokonya ada di hampir setiap perempatan besar di Yogyakarta. Tokonya makin moncer dengan boneka udara WAWAWA joget-joget yang ikonik itu. Cara…More