Making Gil Through Dye Market

As a disclaimer , what I will tell you is not IRL ( in real life ) but in the game Final Fantasy XIV . For IRL, please just ask Mr. Bowo, the owner of the Warna Abadi Paint Shop, whose shop is located at almost every major intersection in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The shop is even more popular with the iconic WAWAWA air puppet dancer.

The way to generate 30 Million Gil in one month is actually similar to IRL. We look for materials, make products, and we sell.

So that means there are three jobs and the main roles that are required.

Looking for Material ( disciple of land )

To find this material, a job disciple of land (DoL) is needed. Well because to make the paint ( dye ) is needed now is crystal and pigment the job required of course compatible for gathering cristal and pigment, miner (MIN) or botanist (BTN). Incidentally, the two materials can be obtained at level 28 from the logging / quarying location level 30. This means that if you already have a DoL MIN or BTN job above level 30, there will be no problem getting the required raw materials.

Making a product (disciple of hand)

To make this paint product, you must have at least one job disciple of hand (DoH) level 30 and be able to open special receipts . It will be better if your craftsmanship score is over 230 because that way you can use quick synthesis with confidence. All DoH jobs can craft dye. So it doesn’t matter if you are a carpenter, jewelry craftsman, clothes maker, or a cook.

Selling Products (retainers)

Well. Because you will be very tired chatting one-by-one players at Limsa Lominsa Aetheryte Plaza to offer your products, it’s better if you use your retainer to sell on the marketboard . It’s like a retainer is a shop that can sell all kinds of products. Marketboard is a market where many people open shops and sell in it. Yes, if it’s online like this, it can be equivalent to Tokopedia, Bukalapak, or Shopee. – strange if there is a marketplace that hasn’t been mentioned, say yes-

OK. We start talking about products: dyes , paints, dyes, whatever you want to call them. In fact in the game, this product is called dye.

To make it, the raw materials needed:


The type of crystal required varies depending on the job disciple of hand (DoH) who wants to do it. All dye colors require the same type of crystal if done by one DoH job. So it doesn’t matter if you want to produce any color, the crystals needed only depend on the job.

Here’s the table:


The pigment needed depends on the dye you want to make. There are 6 groups of pigments that can produce different colors. Pigments gray, red, and yellow can only produce two dyes. However, pigments brown, green, purple can produce 4 or more dye colors. Pigment color only determines what color can be produced, DoH job does not affect what pigment produces what dye.

If you already know what is needed, now how do you get it?

To get it is very easy, if you have enough capital, you can buy it on the marketboard (calculated as initial capital or production costs). However, so that in determining the price of dye later you are not burdened by production costs, you should look for it using job disciple of land (DoL) as I explained in the beginning. Pigment and crystals are specific mining and logging locations , not available everywhere. Fortunately, these pigments and crystals come in one bundle. Where the location is there is pigment, there is crystal ( in-situ ). It was as if Eorzea’s one-and-a-half oars were exceeded. So that you don’t get confused when you want to choose what pigments and crystals to collect, here’s the table:

If the job you have is armor (ARM) and you want to make soot black dye , see the table at the beginning then you need ice crystals and earth crystals . You also need gray pigment . Well, if you have a botanist job (BTN) then you can get gray pigment raw material at Upper Path South Shroud . Since your job for crafting is ARM, you also need ice and earth crystals. You can get ice crystals at Upper Path South Shroud and earth crystals at Peace Garden North Shroud. Fortunately, the locations to get gray pigment and ice crystal are the same, so you can get two materials at once. Just earth crystal, you have to go to Peace Garden North Shroud. Fortunately, as you go to get an earth crystal, you can also get brown pigment and yellow pigment. So by going to those two places, you can already get the possibility to make many paint colors based on gray, yellow, or brown pigment.

You just need to adjust what your DoH and DoL jobs are, and what dye color you want to make. Easy right?

If you are confused about the location details for mining or logging, you can open the crafting log, special receipts, others, dyes . Select the dyes you want to make. In the required materials section Search for items by Gathering Method .

If you have the ingredients, how do you make them?

You only need to change yourself into a DoH that you want to use for crafting then open the crafting log, usually the shortcut is N if it hasn’t been changed. Select Special Receipt, Others, Dyes . Inside there are many dye options that you can craft. Make sure the amount of material needed is sufficient. Then just execute synthesize. If your craftsmanship is over 230, you can confidently use the quick synthesize so you don’t push too much, just wait and finish.

If the product is finished, the next trick is to sell it.

To sell it, you just have to call the retainer . Enter your dye product , determine the price, determine the amount. There is no special trick in this, you just need to regularly check prices and make sure your product is the lowest priced product among other stores. In order for prices to remain stable and not freefall, don’t set the price too low from the lowest price when you are going to sell the product. Besides it will harm you in the future, it is also not ethically good in the world of trading. You will be dispelled by the merchant association or even if bad luck can become public enemy number one . Again, you determine the price and you also determine the amount of dye that you will sell in one package.

I usually sell in one sales package containing 5 dye. Five is the right amount in my opinion because in a glamor set usually the ones that are colored are the head, body, hands, legs, and feet . Even if it turns out that people only need 3 or 4, the remain unused dye is not too much. Based on my observations, a reasonable amount of money to spend on a single dye purchase is between 250Gil – 3000Gil. This means that if I have to sell 5 dyes in one package, the lowest price is usually 50Gil (50 × 5) and the highest is 600Gil (600 × 5). In certain cases, I sometimes reduce the quantity for dye that is in the market unit price above 600Gil. For example, if the unit price of dye is 900Gil, I will sell in one package only 3 dyes for a total price of 2800Gil (900 × 3). This is just best practice of course, sometimes I also ignoring this rule of thumb. Check the marketboard often, make adjustments to prices and packages because this marketboard is very dynamic, especially during peak hours where most players are online. – especially when more and more people read this article and know the trick of selling dye –

How to optimize the retainer?

If you are a subscriber entry that can only create 8 characters in the whole world and only one for each world, that’s enough. Create a character in the datacenter that is the same as your main character that you used as a dye producer. For example, your main character is in the world of Tonberry (Elemental), you create your alternative character in the Elemental datacenter, for example Aegis, Carbuncle, Garuda, Kujata, Ramuh, Typhon, and Unicorn. Do the main story quest (MSQ) to MSQ Level 17, The Scions of the Seventh Dawn to unlock the retainer in each world.

Creating an alternative character in the same world won’t help because in the end you will only become a competitor for your own alternative character on the marketboard. It is like, you and your alternatives are selling in the same market with the same product, the market will be saturated with your products that are too much in circulation. Like you opened two Indomaret or SevenEleven shops but they are located next door. Unless one shop sells drugs, the other sells false promises.

Furthermore, you can “open a branch” of your shop in the alternative world that you created. You just have to move your dye product from the main character (for example from Tonberry) to your alternative character (for example Aegis). If you don’t have friends to help transfering your product, you can use the marketboard. If you use a marketboard, you will be charged a ‘service’ fee of around 3% -5%. To reduce the cost of these services, you can set price to as low as possible on your main character (in Tonberry), then your alternative character just has to do a world visit to Tonberry and buy it on the Tonberry marketboard. In order to avoid being “stolen” by other parties, it is best to do it quickly when there are not many online players.

To do this, move the location of your alternative character (for example from Aegis) to the front of the marketboard in world Tonberry (world visit). Log-out then log in with your main character on Tonberry, drop the product from your inventory to your retainer with price as low as possible, then immediately log-out and log-in again with your alternative Aegis character. Your Aegis character will enter World Tonberry when logging in. Immediately open the marketboard and buy the product you want to transfer. Then you can go back to world Aegis and sell your dyes product in Aegis.

If you do this trick of earning gil as an early adopter , earning 1MGil a day is not a difficult thing even though a day is only 3 hours online. I usually take the morning to check the marketboard, update prices, and record them on a sheet of paper, write it down on Notability on my iPad, or write them down on a table spreadsheet (30 minutes is enough). In the afternoon, do gatherings and crafting as well as transfer products to alternative characters (1 hour is enough). At night, we just need to update the price while doing the duty roulette and doing other things. -including creating blog content like this-

Things that need to be highlighted are check the marketboard frequently, update prices and modify sales package schemes, optimize your subscription even though it’s only an entry by using a retainer in an alternative account, and the most important thing is that you can earn lots of Gil even though your character level is still below 35.

So don’t feel inferior if you are passing by a character with glowing glamour hanging out at Limsa Lominsa Aetheryte Plaza. You can afford it with tons of Gill through marketboard.

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  1. Thank you for tips. I desperately lost hope to make Gils for housing. It requires 3M at least but my daily Gils from duty roulette never exceeded 100k Gil.

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